Vitaminnies friends

The Vitaminnies characters will help children to learn exactly why different types of fruit and vegetables are good for them by explaining the effect that different vitamins and minerals have on our bodies. Hopefully, this will lead children to be more excited about eating fruit and veg.

All parents can appreciate how difficult it is to encourage children to eat their fruit and vegetables. I bet a lot of household kitchens have held this familiar conversation:

“Eat your greens!”
“Because they’re good for you!”

Even as adults, we all know that we should make healthy food choices, but we often don’t know why we should! As a result, most children aren’t reaching their NHS recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

So to learn more about fruit and vegetables in a fun way, buy our books here!

Tassi the Banana


We are a completely independent limited company who have self-published our first title ‘Cece the Strawberry‘, the first book in the Vitaminnies series. Consequently, we need a little help from our readers to get our message out there! Many more titles are planned for the series and will be coming soon…

Vitaminnies character Cece the Strawberry has a long list of good things she can do for your body
Cece the Strawberry has a long list of good things she can do for your body!